Beeswax foundation sheet milling machine for Vietnam

For vietnam customer, they have special requirements on the machines. At the begining, we thought it is only a simple beeswax foundation roller, we accept the order and sample.

We produce a machine and press a beeswax foundation sample to sent it back to the customer, but our customer is not happy with the difference of the samples. The cell wall is on a flat surface which is different as they request.

We have to change our producing machines to match the customers' request, which means much more expensive and time costly.

After meeting with our engineers, we still try our best to finish the machine exactly according to our customers' request.

Finally, after several times' improvements, our customer is totally satisfied the quality and accept the sample.


The potential of Vietnamese beekeeping is non-negligible not only in terms of overall production of honey, pollen and by-products, but also in terms of increased agricultural production due to the effects of bee pollination, and as an aid in the struggle against the drift from the land, which in turn helps to stabilize rural populations, especially the ethnic minorities in the north of the country. The opening up of Vietnam to overseas markets implies a policy of growth for both the quantity and quality of locally produced honey. The answer to this new situation lies in the injection of capital, the application of appropriate technology and know-how, as well as the setting up of direct distribution networks for both the domestic and export markets. The optimization of such a project for beekeeping can be achieved with a coherent structure for training, harvesting, analysis, packaging and marketing of hive products.


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