Manual Beeswax Foundation Machine for Portugal

Our beeswax foundation machine press and beewax embossing machine has been exported to Portugal. The cell size is about 5.0mm theruale and the width of the wax foundation mill is 195mm with auto cutting device.

Our customer are a local distributor of beekeeping equipment, beekeeping tools supplies, beekeeping equipment, beekeeping kits are interested especially in our manual beeswax foundations rollers. For the first time, our customer ask for only one sample beeswax foundation mill from us to delivery it by DHL.

manual beeswax foundation roller

86*250mm manual beeswax foundation machine, cell size is 5.35mm for Apis mellifera. We would appreciate if customer from Europe can contact us.

manual beeswax foundation mill

Two manual beeswax foundation embossing machine with different width of roller. Can produce 245mm width beeswax foundation and 190mm width beeswax foundation. Both of the foundation machine equipped with automatical beeswax foundation cutting device.

manual beeswax foundation machine

The package of the beeswax foundation roller is seaworth wooden package which is very solid for the air delviery or ship delivery.

And we would appreciate if you can contact us or our agnet in Portugal.

Let me know if you need this beeswax foundation machine also if you have any questions.


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