Our beekeeping tools had been exported to Malaysia

4 frame honey extractor

4 Frame honey Extractor

This is our most featuring product which is made of stainless steel, and this honey extractor is easy to operate, quite and high quality.

bee brush

Bee Brush

This bee brush is made by wood handle and horse hair. It is soft and easy to operate.

beekeeping beehive

Bee Hive

This bee hive is fir wood made and the qulity is very high. This is standard 10 frames beehive with super. Total beehive can equipped with 20 units of beehive frame. It will be produced in the factory and assemble in local. This had been proved successful and cost saving.

langstroth beehive

Standard Bee Hive

Bee Hive is the most common beekeeping tools which is made of wood.

hive frame wire

Frame wire


bee hive

Bee Hive

Beekeeping Gloves

This is standard 100% cotton gloves and the quality is very high. Which is smooth, soft and protect your hand when operate.

beekeeping bee smoker

Bee Smoker

Stainless steel bee smoker. Standard size with leather coil. Quality is high.

beeswax foundation embossing roller

Beeswax Foundation Roller

This beeswax foundation roller is manual operated. 75*195mm sized and 4.7mm for the cell size.

copper bracet

double honey filter

Double Stainless Steel Honey Strainer

High quality double stainless steel honey strainer.

embedder tool

Beeswax Embedder

full beekeeping suit

Beekeeping Protective Suit

hive connector

HIve Connector

Z type honey knife

Bending Honey Knife


Hand hold Refactormeter

bee hive

Wooden Beehive

bee hive

Wooden Beehive

Standard Hive tool


wood queen excluder

Wooden Queen Excluder

Wooden Queen Excluder which is used in the beehive.

package of beekeeping tools supplies

Package of all kinds of beekeeping tools, beekeeping equipments and top china beekeeping supplies. Contact us if you have any question or requirements of our beekeeping kits.

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