Yemen owns one million of beehives

Beehives in Yemen number over one million, according to a recent survey, which also put annual local honey production at over 1706 tons, 17.2% of which is exported, earning revenues of nine million dollars. Beekeeping, one of the oldest professions in Yemen, was recently included by the agriculture ministry on its list of future subsidy receiving sectors.

The framework of the newly developed beekeeping sector is called the Beekeeping Project, first established in 1993. This Taiz-based project ensures the maintenance of Yemeni honey's quality and reputation.

Muqbel Nasir Al-Bahr, the general director of the project, said that since its inception, the project has sponsored 2053 training courses for 4037 beekeepers from all over Yemen. It has also carried out 4260 field visits to 3800 beekeepers, and 83 field surveys of 539 beekeepers.

The project aims to create beekeeping societies and support their exporting activities, creating a beekeeping database and documenting all research on the industry.

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