Basic requirements of Beehive Production and Beeswax Foundation Production

(A) making beehives timber, should use durable yet lightweight, easy to deformation, cracking wood. Northern red pine, white pine, basswood, paulownia and other better; Southern Pines available. In pre-production, should be well-seasoned wood or drying.

(2) The walls of the box body, preferably a wooden block. As with the smaller wood mosaic, preferably splices using convex face or mouth stitching wrong side of cement.Using the former, there are convex panels on the following, there is a concave plate on top; when the latter. The board should be made above the surface. In order to avoid falling rain, rain leaking tank body, affecting life.

(3) the outer wall of the beehive as possible planed.

(4) production of beehives, the various components and dimensions must comply with the current national or authorities required standards. Strive specifications, dimensions accurate and consistent.

(5) beehives sidewalls and front and rear walls of the phase at the (then d), must be done in close, bonding firmly to avoid when using loose deformation. Phase side and rear walls, the two walls adjacent to the upper and lower joints staggered, not the two joints connected to the same level, in order to secure the box.

(6) The surface can be painted white paint hives or tung oil to make beehives durable, avoid the wet insulation.

Septum septum is artificial bee nest housing foundations. Cellular basis and male workers into cellular base are two, with beeswax or non-toxic plastic material sheet or flat through the septum septum embossing machine is pressed.

(A) the type of nest foundation accordance with the specifications, use, manufacturing methods and applicable bee species,

(Two) manufacturing process manufacturing nest nest foundation foundation needed to prepare calendering machine, nest foundation machine each one, a melting pot of wax, wax a filter, a double dip wax pot. James Wax four, off-chip groove a wax film clip four, cutting knife a base, a base plate, 5 mm thick glass - block, in addition to the thermometer, soft brush, wax spoon, packaging wax paper and so on. Manufacturing process can be simplified nest foundation divided into: melting wax, dip slices, roll printing, cutting, packing five processes.

(A) melt wax. Will engage in pure beeswax broken, release wax melting pot, the pot size by adding 1/4 ~ l / 3 of the water, add the wax melt into a liquid, the liquid wax temperature is controlled at 100 "(2 or less. Then still wax solution, the impurity sufficiently precipitate, the clear liquid wax into the double pot dip sheet.

(2) stick film. Double pot the pot temperature should be maintained at 80 "about 12, the pot was maintained at a temperature of the wax 68 to 75" (2. The dipped vertically into the wax Wax solution, after removing condensate slightly until the wax. Then insert waxsolution, after repeated 3 to 4 times would stick wax plate into the water temperature is 25 ~ 30 ℃ de-piece tank, automatic off-board wax, trimmed to roll printing o

(3) roll printing. Like to take hot wax printed or soak in warm water to warm up. Subject to all internal and external soft wax after, give it away calender. In the rolling process, we must continue to calender roller brush mild soapy water to lubricate the rollers.

(4) Crop. Wash with water attached to the nest foundation chip soapy water, wait for it to dry, on the glass base plate registration will nest nest room, close to the nest foundation board round knife cutting edges along the roll.

(5) Packaging. Every two septum septum lined with waxed paper between each 30 stack package. Commonly used bee equipment


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