Improvement and Innovation of beekeeping beehive and hive Frame

"On the live box in the bee hive , nest boxes improvement and innovation ," a paper was published by the country concerned in the bee enthusiasts , received a lot of letters and telegrams , suggestions we talk about experience , in order to develop a set of lineChina 's beehive bee keeping and management methods . Therefore , once again live on in the bee hive box , nest box improvements, and are open to question .
An existing live bee hive box , nest box, type beekeeping tools
An existing live bee hive box , nest box size is currently widely used in our live bee hive box roughly divided into four categories: Italian bees TEUs ; Yuanling style , winning style , in a formula , the cage in the beehive ; conghua type, high, narrow where beehives ; FWF style , CN , Indian A , Indian B -type .
2 , the source of the bee hive bee worried about the introduction of a hundred years, to live in the bee keeping box science brings a qualitative leap , but most are in use or simply copying the Italian bee hive improvement in bee keeping , in some extent, restricted the development of the bee . In recent years, scientific research personnel working in the bee , bee hive in the research, has made great progress , such as the GN style , FWF style beehives and other small nest box success , marking China in research on bee hives a new level.
The face of the reality in the bee keeping , is to re- design of the new box , or to improve it based on reality ? We believe that should be treated differently according to local circumstances . New support families and small support families with a small nest box appropriate to the new box ; while for large-scale breeders should be to improve the existing box -type main way to achieve progressively updated in beehive -type standard uniform .
Second, the current live bee hive box , nest box merits beekeeping supplies.
Bee bee is an adaptable species, in a different hive can be kept , but with keeping personnel management level, empirical methods are inextricably linked.Experienced, thinking man , by managing the technical advantages and can make up for with a box -type defects ; novice newcomers are powerless , and used in accordance with the appropriate support bee biology bee box type , can effectively reduce the difficulty of keeping , play a multiplier effect.
Italian bees TEUs its standard Italian bees nest box with all kinds of meaning beehive , Yuanling type, in the bee -style , in a formula , the cage five types of beehives , there is a significant characteristic is the nest box area, were close to 800cm2 above , the corresponding honeycomb width larger diameter , suitable for double- Qun feeding, in the production seasons ; it stems from the Italian honeybee hives in use or improvements , unfit bees survive in smaller groups , especially in the late fall and spring junior bees potential weak transitional summer winter , the bees very suited . Following the successful box with shallow boxes, nest box nest box up and down following the inconsistent and can not be swapped , uncoordinated management , breeding nest boxes large, bees insulation disadvantage. Conghua type, high, narrow type two types of beehive , honeycomb an area of ​​735 cm2, close to the regular bees swarm potential, but also between the two aspect ratio of the difference ; Conghua style aspect ratio of 1:1.72 , is intended beehive improved , it is still wide- dwarf type nest box . From our observation and measurement results, its diameter nest box nest box length yes yes know the maximum size ( ie cap ) and subtropical regions of Guangdong, Fujian suitable for use , for a small range ; Narrow nest box high aspect ratio of a : 0.82 , is the imitation of nature nest nests basket evolved , and its length 245mm, is the average hive erection ; while small nest box below 200mm long is its bottom line ; Gao narrow nest box high 300mm, early winter the height of the spleen in cellular , close to natural nests , bees and bee considerable group of potential strength , its drawback is that nest box is too high , resulting in management, operations , production and taking honey inconvenience. In recent years, research on small nest box depth development of nest box size are natural bee nests in the middle and lower limits and, therefore , to study and solve the bee hive boxes improvements will live in practice, according to specific circumstances .
High, narrow style beehive box type intermediate between the size , if you solve the nest box is too high , the inconvenience to the operation, it is the more appropriate in the bee keeping box .
Third, the current live bee hive box , nest box ways to improve
After taking a small box stacking boxes, high, narrow type, Conghua medium-sized box horizontally divided equally nest box , hives , and then on the following box ways to broaden hives ; meaning beehive , bid boxes and other large beehive , length and width modulation bit , split nest box hives , double Qun feeding, growth gradually superimposed with bees following boxes, bees change adaptation measures , to achieve improved beehive , nest boxes purposes.
Wasp nest in the adaptability and the ebb and flow depending on the season law is to carry out its beehive , nest box to improve the theoretical basis and foundation lies.Beehive bees nest is living conditions , and management quality is the key to beekeeping , rearing conditions and management to achieve a unified technical support on these two aspects should proceed . With technology, management strengths to compensate for the lack of box . Is in the bee hive , nest box should be considered to improve the issues and approaches .
Fourth, the current live bee hive box , nest box Specifications and improvements
From the observation of natural bee nest size to start , we passed the actual measurements and theoretical calculations , refer to the results of previous studies were , theoretically derived natural bee honeycomb nest around 25200 cm2 in total area , in fact, 14000 ~ 17000 cm2 movements between wintering bees intensive period of austerity childless agglomerate spleen after biting a total area of ​​honeycomb on the basis of the actual area halved . While the West honeycomb honeycomb between 17000 ~ 21000 cm2 area was significantly greater than in the beehive. Above, provides us with a theoretical basis . Nest box inside diameter length should be between 20 ~ 35 cm , height 10 ~ 18cm range, single -sided area of ​​control in spleen 300 ~ 500 cm2; with the length of 25 ~ 30cm, height 12 ~ 15cm, the area of ​​350 ~ 420 cm2 is most appropriate. Specific improvements should be based on local conditions , box proceed.
Fifth, in general live bee hive box , nest box processing technology
1 , the winning formula beehive aspect transpose, change the direction of the nest door , box high halved into two, high down to 13cm, a nest , following the case of a beehive , the long side were great middle partition , for two groups rearing ; wooden nest box diameter length 33cm, height 10 ~ 11cm; thin- diameter metal nest box length 35cm, height 12.8cm. Nest boxes along the margins 2cm Office, located on the edge of cask , following the box , along the margins , the top 2cm Office, located cask bar , so to continue in the nest box is formed between a 4cm wide space placed slightly larger than the height of 4cm box of cask box, cask pest control, air intrusion. Cask box is also available with the following box fixed connection . Bee suitably bottom or bottom drawer for easy bottom wax shavings, dead bees and other debris removal.
2 , high, narrow box -type high hive halved into two, a nest , following boxes, two of a beehive. Nest box above , following boxes, nest boxes boxes of nail care . Such improvements , to overcome the high, narrow style maneuver can not continue on the box defects can also be dual Wang tank feeding , in a sense more superior.
Processing of thin- nest box is to be improved stainless steel sheet ( thickness 1mm) and stainless steel wire ( diameter 1 ~ 1.5mm) material. Wire made ​​of the upper and lower beams and side of the skeleton , made ​​of sheet steel or bamboo frame lugs, side bar guard, lower beam hollow , no guard, made ​​easy bees down spleen, both hollow upper beam , so that the nest boxes, boxes up and down following the honeycomb can be composed into one , forming large and extra large honeycomb bees , but also according to need plus the guard, as a separate nest box , nimble in the nest , following the exchange between the nest box spleen, more conducive to life and bee keeping .
Nest foundation lines with a diameter less than 0.5mm stainless steel strands into first place on the beam path from 0.88 ~ 1.32mm, the second from the first channel is 4.4 ~ 5.28mm, and so on to complete ; wooden nest box on the beam thickness is 10mm, thickness 7mm lower beam or both sides with a wire from the side of the fixed and replaced , so the nest box nest box on the beam acts as a nest box under the following box beams , expanding the honeycomb area .
Beehive without changing the size of the current situation , to take the door to change the direction of the nest , the nest box is divided into two partitions , the beehive nest side door opened , simply open nest along the side door , the upper edge of the inner frame slot opening order to shorten nest box length , re-create a small nest box.Benefits of doing so are: nest box shrink , spleen distance shortened, more suitable for the study of biological bee ; favor of bee breeding pairs Wang Qun , easy winter , spring and fan following on in the bee boxes ; nest box can use their own from the side of the thin material , the lower beam to start trial production began , the beam can be made ​​of bamboo instead of such length and width of the upper and lower beams and honeycomb gap for the following box nest box when Ying Leung Kar thin cover for nest box nest boxes following the tank when removing the thin cover , so that the upper and lower honeycomb as a whole , can be coupled with a thin cover as a separate nest box use , simple , low cost, beekeepers willing to accept.
Down in the nest box beams made ​​with honeycomb , etc. by the wire length -width hollow gap improved design , not only to facilitate nest box processing, sparring or additions as needed or take , but also conducive to bee made ​​in the spleen , easy to form nest boxes , following the box I, II trinity composed following the box structure erected large colonies , to facilitate and to take mature honey management requirements. This approach is far superior to Mr. Fang Yaodou of "modular nest box beehive " , representing GN style beehive management labor-saving convenience . This design is conducive to each other, perfecting improved bee hives , bee hives to push reforms to achieve the purpose .
Bee hi cool heat intolerance, blast cooling, ventilation must open bottom screens .Cask of both used alone or in connection with the following box fixed , easy to move following the box , to prevent crushing bees.


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