How to Storage Honey?

Honey is a liquid with a weak acid, so the best costumes honey bottles, casks, Wagang other non-metallic containers. With cold storage, reduce discoloration taste honey extractor.

Honey should be stored in a cool, dark place. Since honey is part of acidic liquid from a chemical reaction with the metal, during storage exposure to lead, zinc, iron and other metals, the chemical reaction occurs. Therefore, you should use non-metallic containers, such as ceramic, glass bottles non-toxic plastic buckets and other containers to store honey.

Honey during storage should also prevent odor, and wet, fermentation, pollution. To avoid odor and pollution, shall not smell goods (such as gasoline, alcohol, garlic, etc.) corrosive materials (such as fertilizers, pesticides, lime, alkali, nitrate, etc.) or unhygienic items (such as waste, livestock, etc.) same store.

The shelf life of honey bottled honey current national regulations shelf life of 18 months.However, a high concentration of capping mature bee can shelf for many years. But eating fresh honey as well, due to the general fresh honey color, smell, taste, good taste ...

Tips: Use a clean glass bottles, according to 1000 grams of honey with added two small pieces of ginger proportion of sealed storage shade. This method enables long storage does not taste of honey.

Scientific research and practice has proved that honey has strong antibacterial ability is not the only food spoilage. 1913 American archaeologist tombs in the pyramids of Egypt found a jar of honey, honey identified this altar has lasted 3300 years, but is also not bad, still can eat. Visible, real mature honey long after can completely edible, nothing strict shelf life, but as a food market, according to "Food Law" are required on food products marked shelf life, so honey manufacturers generally put honey shelf life as 2 years.
But it must be pointed out that, if not mature honey or mixed with water and other low-quality products, which are fermented honey long after the bubble, sour, is inedible. Of course, if the fermentation is not serious, at about 60 ℃ water bath for half an hour after treatment or can be eaten.
In short, no matter what honey, no matter how long preserved, as long as no deterioration, is edible, not harmful. Just long home with fresh honey honey than slightly worse nutritional value
Summer in the freezer is a good choice! !


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