How to Run Beekeeping Farm for Different Seasons

A spring management
(A) timely expansion bee hives, bees swarm accelerating potential growth.
(Two) bee farm settings waterers, and regularly disinfected.
(Three) regular inspection bees (sunny day when the temperature above 14 ℃), clear bottom dead bees, wax residue, mildew and dirt to keep bottom clean.
(Four) maintaining official dense group of potential and maintain strong group breeding to ensure the spring expanding fan base quickly.
(Five) control mites. Acaricidal acaricide continuous use 2 to 3 times, once every two days.
(Six) box outside insulation. Placed on the ground 20 to 30 cm thick ground hay, hay hives placed on the roof of small straws, cover lid, a rear wall and side with straws wrapped, keep air flowing. Day off straws and other coverings, easy to bees fly.
(Seven) reward feeding. Adjustment can be carried out later that day reward bees feeding, feeding thin syrup. Slurry feed grain per day per group of 100 ~ 200g, when there is little nectar feeding or stop feeding. Feed must be fed reward or recognition strapless sterile virus feed.
(Eight) inside the nest base expanded with insulation material removal, tank insulation material bee development full tank, the temperature is stable removal (removal at first, and then remove around, and finally remove bottom).
(Nine) cold rainy day to give bees nest door daily watering, additional powder spleen in the hive outside.
Second, the management of summer
(A) replace the queen. In the April to June period, put the audience into the year of the queen bees replacement.
(Two) regular and comprehensive inspection, destroying the net natural Wangtaipu, enhanced ventilation, prevention of natural swarming.
(Three) using shade, watering and other measures for the production and reproduction of bees to create a suitable temperature and humidity.
(Four) nest on the watering. Fine and hot weather at noon warm cloth with water hit the top of the box cover.
(Five) to prevent theft bee, controlling wasps, many toads, capuchin disease prevention.
Three autumn Management of beekeeping supplies
Beekeepers beekeeping as the beginning of the year, autumn management focus is winter and the coming spring series bees to prepare. To prevent strong July August weak September mite serious phenomenon.
(A) timely training and replacement queen, replacement, you must be a queen for audience identification, batch replacement. Take appropriate measures to promote the breeding colony, develop age-appropriate wintering bee, keeping the nest is still plenty of feed is a key technical measures to end all changed while the king and sub-nest mites and other measures, in the following cases on the basis of excess force feeding groupMulti-wintering bee breeding organization Qun.
(Two) timely broken child, control bee mites, the first step in the 8 to 9 months, combined with the fall Duc Vuong, mating groups in the organization made the cover sub spleen, the spleen and the original group of children without cover, and the first of the original group of medication , to be the new group (group copulation) sub spleen out of room, queen mating success, the eggs hatch into larvae after the treatment of the new group; second step, the bees into the winter and early child naturally broken (broken across sub- beginning for varying periods) in 9 to 11 months for drug treatment.Treatment to ensure thorough, noting that medication before feeding bees, while artificially broken midnight, leaving the eggs spleen colonies at least one frame or more.
(Three) through reserve winter feed, winter beverages shall not contain nectar honey.
(Four) pay attention to prevent pesticide poisoning.
Four winter management
(A) to choose a good roommate before winter hibernation sites outside, requiring clean, sunny leeward, dry quiet. Ready wintering insulation materials, 20 to 30 group is a group or two groups, 5 to 6 group is a group ranging around the beehives with straws and rear surrounds, floor mats 15 cm or so of hay.
(Two) should be adjusted prior wintering bees swarm potential, appropriate reduction group, tight spleen, leave enough winter feed, layout wintering hive.
(Three) out of the box should not be checked during the winter to strengthen observation outside the box, adjust the honeycomb nest door to enhance cellular insulation, strong base and strengthen the management of dual Wang Qun, raise bees for disease resistance.
(Four) late winter supplementary feed on attention and prevention of diarrhea disease bees, select Qingnuan excretion weather for bees flying.
(Five) winter feed supplements, you should use a drink or disinfected after confirming that no contaminated feed disease.


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