How to choose beekeeping farm location

How to choose the beekeeping farm location is very important for our beekeeping business.

First, choose nectar-rich, 2.5 km around the place throughout the year with at least one to two kinds of bulk nectar of plants, but also with a variety of flowering staggered into an auxiliary source of nectar and Fen plants beekeeping supplies, beekeeping tools.

Second, sunny leeward terrain Gaozao, not water, microclimate appropriate.
Third, choose the northwest have walls or dense, or foot or mountainside sloping to the south, there is a back backstop barrier before the open terrain, sunny venue with sparse trees.
Fourth, choose a nearby creek or perennial streams flowing constantly, but should not be before the bee farm reservoirs, lakes, rivers.
Fifth, choose a quiet, no disturb livestock and other vibrations created.
Six, select no factories, farms and by the impact of flash floods or landslides dangerous place construction field.

Seven, a bee farm put to the colony more than 50 advisable, wherever he goes and bee apiary should be separated 2000Km appropriate, to ensure there is enough honey bees and reduce the spread of disease.
Eight, nine grass clearing, leveling, clean, and then display bees.
Nine, cellular Chaoxiangna, southeast, southwest and low humidity to facilitate spare bee season insulation.
Ten, beehive with a brick, stone, wooden and other booster 20 to 30 cm, so flat, back booster 2 ~ 3M.
Eleven, the number came from a single bee hive box should be parallel or dual parallel boxes in larger quantities should be taken when the branches are arranged staggered rows beehive display, group from 1M, spacing 2 ~ 3M wide apart as well (Figure 1) my district bees should dissipate into the atmosphere, can be 2 to 3 group is a group of lay groups, the distance between each cluster or group should be large, mating group and the new grouping is justified scattered on the edge of the field bees make nests door toward different directions.

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