What tools do we need to make the beeswax foundation?

Melting & Dipping
• Blocks of clean wax
• Two water-jacketed wax melters with temperature gauge. One melter is for dipping and one for replenishing.
• Liquid temperature gauge
• Pot with handle for transferring wax between melters (or a wax transfer system).
• Small sump (tub or barrel)- filled with water for cooling dipped wax covered boards.
• Dipping Boards: 8-10 pieces of marine plywood cut to 18” x 11 1/2” x 1/4”. Mark the boards with dipping lines for western and deep foundation size. Mark the dipping lines slightly larger than what you need and trim to size later.
• Container (small garbage can) filled with water and sea salt for soaking Dipping
• Table


Beeswax tablet press machine(size: according to your requirements)

Beeswax foundation embossing machine (cell size 5.1mm)
• Dipped sheets of wax
• Frozen ice packs
• Cold water
• Organic dish soap (unscented or mild smell)
• Paint brush / firm tooth brush
• Water sump to soak wax sheets

• Cutting Board
• Wood template cut to the final size of the foundation
• Sharp blade or pizza cutter
• Towels

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