Detail Information of Beekeeping Equipment Supplies 2

Septum embedding device (wire embedder)

The border comb foundation wax machine embedded appliances. When using wax nest foundation, usually in the nest box on the metal frame to wear a few lines, and with the border control nest foundation was embedded embedding nest foundation to enhance the strength of the honeycomb. Embedding is a nest foundation iron, gear and electric type three categories. Iron type embedding is presented by the end of the tapered rectangular copper block, together with the handle composition. When you first preheat the copper block, and then ride in the border on the tip gap, sliding along the border, the border will heat to the molten wax foundation under it, so that the border buried in the nest foundation. Embedding is accompanied by a gear gear lever composition. When used to top notch gear on the ride in the border and pushed hard along the border, the border buried nest foundation in pressure. Embedding is controlled by electric power 100 W transformer structure, embedding voltage 6 ~ 12V. When embedding embedding voltage is applied across the border for a few seconds, borders powered heat melted the wax foundation beneath it, in the border buried septum.

Nest door alarm (entrance robbing guarder)

Placed beehive nest door to avoid and prevent theft bee appliances. A variety of forms.Some with wood made "s" shaped nest door channel, in order to increase the bees into the hive barriers to prevent intrusion for Pirates of the bee; some use off the bee is inserted down the door in the nest for Pirates of the bee can only enter can not; there is designed to be true or false nest door, arranged in the nest entrance, forming burglar bee structure, false door attractive, preventing Pirates Pirates of bees and bee claustrophobic for multiple roles, really door for free access to the original group of bees, so both preventable Pirates prevent bees from happening.

Following honey nest boxes (comb honey super)

Nest for bees produce honey honey storage appliances. Following the main square honey nest boxes, round nest boxes and cassette half following the honey honeycomb honey Following nest box three categories. Following the square nest honey honey nest box by the square grid, grid racks nest honey, comb honey separators, light box and continue following the box springs; circular comb honey Following the box by the circular comb honey grid, grid order of honey nest box screw and shallow Following Cabinet constituted; cassette half honeycomb nest box by the following half-comb honey comb honey cell box and shallow following the cabinet composition. Nest honey production honey compartments in the nest when the nest foundation and load following the Shang Hao cabinets, and then superimposed on the colony, so that in the nest honey spleen storage compartments make honey comb honey production.

Nest boxes (brood chamber)
Also known as the sterile insect boxes for bee breeding tank. Box containing sterile insect spleen for the queen to lay eggs, bees sterile insect breeding. Fixed bottom end beehive box for the nest boxes.

Blow Bee Machine (bee blower)

Removal of the use of high-speed air reservoir tank honey bees following equipment.Modern bee honey harvesting machine indispensable one. Blow bee machine from the power (gasoline engine or electric motor) centrifugal blowers, gas pipelines, nozzles and honey storage box bracket following the composition. There backpack, hand-push, carry dual-use and portable hand-push type 4. Bee removal, use a large amount of power to drive the blower air flow through pipelines to transport high-speed spray nozzle into a bundle, honey Following along the reservoir tank is placed on the holder storage box spleen between honey bees following the road during stripping bees, blowing bees off the speedy return of the original group. Bee bee blowing machine off using fast and efficient.

Titan hives (Dadant hive)

Americans are living up to the design of a box once beehive. For rearing Apis mellifera. This beehive honeycomb center distance 38mm; bee road for the inter-frame 11mm, on the road and around the bee bee road are 8mm, following the road for the bee boxes next 5mm, fixed under the bottom end of the box is 25mm bees way around; nestframe size is around 428mm × 254mm (width × height), each nest box cabinet accommodates 10-11. Titan beehive box large volume, the spring can be more habitat for bees to postpone the following boxes, winter can be stored more honey, no need to add the feed box wintering; boxes bee road between large cooling air circulation in summer favorable, favorable winter bees agglomerate insulation. In keeping with nectar-rich regions particularly high fecundity queen bees when using this beehive can obtain higher yields. Titan beehive in the world after the application of Lang's beehive, European beekeepers use is particularly prevalent.

Fangfeng car (beekeeping truck)

Turn to beekeeping special purpose vehicles. And there is a covered compartment wall Fangfeng cars, self-propelled or trailer of a truck or trailer Sheds Fang Feng, Fang Feng platform vehicles. Fangfeng car use beehive with ventilation devices, perennial fixed in the car, beehive nest door painted in different colors, they easily recognize bees nest; central compartment left channel management for beekeepers bees pass. Use vehicles to switch to Fang Feng Fang Feng, chasing flower honey mobility wins big turn quickly timely effort in the Festival.

Of honey Machine (honey extractor)

Also known as honey extractors. Role separation by centrifugation honey honey spleen equipment. Department 1865 Austria Helu Ziska ( Hruschka) invention, with live frame beehive, nest foundation machine, the same as the three bee beekeeping. Honey machine consists of machine barrels, honey spleen rotating basket and rotating device structure. Type of honey stringed machines, radiant sub honey machine, semi radiant points of honey honey machines and windmill machine four categories, types of honey machine honey spleen volume and its contents degree of mechanization there are a variety of different types. Using sub-machine can produce a clean separation honey honey, honeycomb reusable, honey honeycomb storage turnover rate increased, thereby increasing the production of honey.

Windmill of honey machine (parallel radial extractor)
Separation equipment honey honey spleen one. Honey honey in the sub machine spleen, spleen surface in a plane perpendicular to the axis, toward and perpendicular to the beam axis, windmill blades were arranged. Most of this kind of honey with motor driven machine, with 10 to 200 I framed a variety of patterns. Simultaneously on both sides of the spleen isolated honey honey, honey spleen without changing surface.Capacity. Separation process honey honeycomb difficult to damage, and therefore enhance speed, high concentrations of honey isolated. When combined with cutting machine with cover honey, can make the cut honey honey cover and separation process automation, but the cost is higher.


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