Detail Information of Beekeeping Equipment Supplies

Semi radiant stars honey machine (semi-radia honey extractor)

Separation equipment honey honey spleen one. Honey honey in the sub-machine spleen, the spleen and the plane parallel to the central axis and spleen basket fulcrum to the radius of the central axis toward the line about a 15. Angle toward the lower beam and parallel to the central axis. Separation honey honey honey spleen side by flipping the spleen after separation shall separate basket for the other side surface of honey. This divide honey machine driven by a motor 12 can be separated from each honey spleen.Due to the larger radius honey spleen rotating basket, honey spleen close radiant arrangement, the separation process is not easy to lose honeycomb, separable higher concentrations of honey, but the capacity is limited, low productivity and high cost.

Bee catching device (swarm catcher)

Be collected points bee appliances. There bamboo close bee cage, iron yarn catching bees and vacuum suction devices and other bee. Bamboo bee cage closing bell-shaped, diameter 250 mm, height 320mm, inside and outside the Zhumie woven brown leather in the folder; closing bee bee will be close to the top of bamboo cages with bee bee brush drive into the cage, will be collected in shaking into the bee hive. Iron yarn catching buzzer inverted pyramid-shaped platform, is a top flap, is the end of a pumping plate; closing open when catching bee bee bee is live cover on the bottom, shake the bees into the control group, and then covered with live cover; bee boxes over time, opened the bottom pumping plate, shaking bees into the box. Vacuum suction device from the buzzer, vacuum boxes, bee cage, pipeline and suction pipe through which bees; closing bee keep out the vacuum suction device of the air box, the box to maintain a certain negative pressure, so that the suction tube bee maintained in the suction state, when the suction tube suction bee bee bee mouth close points, the bees will be sucked sucked bee tubes and smooth tube sucked into a vacuum chamber bee cages; bee boxes over from the a vacuum chamber made bee cage, placed beehives following box, then out of the bottom of the live bee cage floor, so that bee nest boxes themselves transferred to the honeycomb, and finally removed the following boxes and bee cage.

Mining plastic device (propolis collector)

Propolis production equipment. There Yarn Box, grille, door nest, nest box style and following the box-type variety. Mining glue, it will be adopted are placed in plastic boxes unravel the appropriate location, to be taken on the plastic mesh, grooves or crevices filled with propolis removed, frozen propolis brittle, peel collecting them.

Mining wax box (beewax c0llecting frame)

Produced beeswax frame. Restructuring usually nest box, there are two forms: one is in the upper frame nailed a crossbar, the upper beam detachable; another one is in the middle frame nailed a crossbar, the upper beam is not removable. Mining within the confines of the wax wax crossbar upper mining area, both for the lower sterile insects or honey storage, but also for mining wax area. Mining wax, on the ventral surface of the beam and crossbar nest foundation stick a strip, and then insert the following box honey made between spleen spleen. Spleen was built after the new upper crossbar spleen cut waxes, and cut off and then back into the framework of the spleen within the group continue to adopt wax. Can be inserted once every 3-5 Qunfeng mining wax box.

Nectar chamber (honey-house)

Separation honey workplace. Modern beekeeping apiary facilities indispensable one.Nectar chamber structure and size, and their honey device configuration, depending on the size of beekeeping. Small-scale beekeeping apiary often use general house converted into honey, indoor configured only cut honey cover sets, cutting knives and sub honey honey and other simple devices. Large-scale professional beekeeping apiary, honey chamber system specially designed and constructed for the interior concrete floors with drains, walls smooth and easy to clean. Building structure tight, to prevent bees invade. Windows designed with gauze and de-bee, in-room has enough lighting equipment to ensure well-lit. Room is equipped with a set of honey harvest honey, beeswax processing, honey purification and dispensing a range of modern facilities.

Pulp production box (royal-jelly producing frame)

Artificial production of royal jelly for mounting pedestal frame. Nest box shape, height and width of the same nest box, a thickness of 13mm, frame pedestal of 3 to 4 pieces, 25 to 30 can be mounted manually pedestal. Pulp produced in LMH-age larvae moved into pulp production frame into the colony will make feeding bee spit pulp.
Nest foundation (comb foundation)

With artificial nests by the end of atrial for bees honeycomb tectonics flakes. Multi beeswax, and some with non-toxic plastic. In accordance with applicable bee species, Apis mellifera nest nest foundation with foundation and cellular basis of two kinds; according to production needs, nest foundation base and the male has a job honeycomb cellular basis two kinds. Workers cellular base their manufacturing processes have common nest foundation, embedded line septum, durable nest foundation and triple nest foundation and other forms. Plastic nest foundation is the international promotion. Using nest foundation, bees quickly made spleen, had made honeycomb formation, high quality.

Nest foundation Machine (comb bee wax foundation machine)

Used in the production of machinery waxy nest foundation. Department 1857 German Merlin (J.Mehring) inventions, with live frame beehive, honey machine points, the same as the three bee beekeeping. Paddle nest foundation machines, electric machines and automatic nest nest foundation base machine three types. Hand and electric machine nest foundation by calendering machines and ginning machine (commonly known as "nest foundation machine") form. The manpower by hand crank driven by electric motor drive. By a pair of calender finish higher tin alloy mill roll and the rotation means and the base, and is used to produce septum wax or a wax sheet rolled plate of uniform thickness, smooth surface wax film, so that the cotton gin rolling out of the nest foundation room eye evenly. Gin with a nest by a pair of end model atrial tin alloy mill roll, rotating device and base composition for optical wax rolled into the bottom with a tidy nest model atrial septum. China-made machine has bee nest foundation and two Italian bees, respectively, for the production of cellular honeycomb foundation base and Italian.Automatic nest foundation machine equipment package from the beeswax melted sterilizer, holding pot, gin, vertical and horizontal cutting base knife, cooling systems, transport rollers and rotating device structure; production by melting sterile liquid wax, injected directly into the gin rolled out of the nest with a base, and then by the longitudinal and transverse cutter cut into desired size, transported to the packing station for packing.This machine is only one nest foundation administered per hour can produce septum 50 ~ 60kg, high production efficiency.


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