Brief Introduction of Beekeeping Beehives

1 Beehive structure
Nest box containing the active beehive (active beehive) is an important scientific beekeeping production tools. Application live beehive beekeeping box, you can always open the beehive, check out honeycomb, bees understand the situation, observing bees living activities, according to the needs and possibilities, the production of bee products, and facilitate transfer to rearing. Beehive long-term placement in the open air, to withstand wind, rain, sun and bees must be tending to live bee hive, stored feed, so the structure must meet the bee hive living habits, size standard uniform, durable.Manufacturing beehive need to use a solid, lightweight, easily deformed timber, but also to fully dry. Northern mostly pine, white pine, basswood, paulownia manufacturing, the South fir manufacture better. At present, China keeping European bees commonly used standard beehive beehive is 10 frames and 16 frames horizontal hive, bee keeping standards in use in the bee hive.
(1) 10 10 frame standard frame Standard beehive beehive keeping Europe the world's most widely used bee hives, also known as Lang's beehive. It consists of 10 nest boxes, box body, bottom, nest door, deputy head (or yarn cover), cover and divisions. When necessary, following the box in a box superimposed on the body. Following the end of the beehive box and the live box body generic. Bee colonies when grown to 8-10 frame, stacking up following the box, you can expand the hive timely, give full play to the queen's fecundity, cultivate strong base plate can be put to use every king of sterile insect nest box boxes storage area and continue Honey distinction separates, help to improve the quality of honey and honey accelerated maturation. To facilitate transportation, transfer to feeding, the use of a fixed bottom beehive, beehives and you can also set the following box front and rear walls of the screens can be opened and closed.

(2) 12 box square box square beehive beehive 12 is passed by the former Soviet Union, primarily in the Northeast and northern Xinjiang use. This beehive large volume, equal to 10 frames of 1.5 times the standard beehive, manufacturing beehive wood used especially thick, typically 25 mm or more, beneficial use in the cold insulation, keeping a strong base and a strong group of winter. 12 square beehive frame for the internal dimensions of 455 mm x455 mm x330 mm, also used 450 mm x450 mm x330 mm; each beehive accommodate 12 435 mm x300 mm nest box, following the box height is 310 mm.
(3) 16 Box 16 Box Horizontal Horizontal beehive beehive nest containing 16 standard Horizontal frame beehive, hive in the expansion volume, the spleen may be laterally expanded by the addition of honeycomb, the shutter can also be separated into two with the beehives -3 area, the implementation of multi-group feeding the same box.

(4) in the bee bee TEUs TEUs is designed for scientific rearing bee hive design. It uses high 135 mm shallow Following the box, following the box perimeter length 420 mm, height 125 mm.
(5) Turn simple design, Zhejiang Agricultural University beehive beehive transit, particularly suitable for transfer to feeding, and 10-frame structure is basically the same as the standard beehive. Special structure are: ① the inside walls of the box around the order of 60-100 mm from the frame slot, install honeycomb rapid fixer; ② box side walls of the lower plate, outstretched box front wall 55 mm, a height of 10 mm , can be installed nest door flap, nailed on the cover, turn off the nest door flap when, but also as bee habitat corridors; ③ 120-220 mm from the leading edge at the bottom to open a window emboldened with skateboard, can be opened and closed.

2 beehive nest doorstop
Provided between the bottom of the nest box and nest door for rearing bees out. Bee entrances in different seasons of different sizes, which requires using nested doorstop to better regulate nest door size. On the bottom of the beehive activity, usually with square pieces of wood nest stall doors, and its length is 380 mm, the width and height is 22 mm.The square of the wood in different directions, there are two different sizes of opening of the gap, a large gap width 165 mm, height of 9 mm, the small gap width 50 mm, height 8 mm so that the bees can be composed of three different entrances. Flowering require large entrance, the entire nest entrance door to become; discretionary choice in the non-flowering nest on the stall doors and a small gap in one of the two entrances and exits as a bee. For fixed bottom, usually with double nest nest doorstop doorstop, namely 380 mm, thickness 10 mm, height 30 mm rectangular strips of wood. Nest on wooden door pedal height partially covered nest entrance. Wood has opened a two grooves of different sizes, the groove height of 9 mm and the width is 60 mm and 40 mm, the groove facing the nest the accelerator pedal, embedded within the recesses of the same size and a small plate of the recess bar, small slats of wood with nails to wear in the groove, so that small slats can move freely. Regulation of the size of their nest entrance, first adjust the entire nest door profiles and nest door pedal distance; two are fixed nest stall doors, adjust only two activities to control the height of lath size of the opening.

3 partitions and isolation plate---queen excluder
As separator for isolating bees, which can cut off Bee Road. When the beehive to keeping the two groups or more independent colony two groups, it requires a beehive split into two or more independent space, then the application of the isolation plate beehive to insert, as the "wall." The space separated, cut front, back, upper and lower bee road, so that the bees do not contact each cluster.


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