Basic Beekeeping tools - Beehive

Is the process of beekeeping hives for bees thrive premises, is the most basic beekeeping toolsLang's 1857 invention of Americans live frame beehive nest foundation with the subsequent invention of machines and machine together known as the honey bee's three great inventions, and it is these beekeeping tools, ending thousands of years of traditional support wasp nest using soil, destroying the nest to take honey production, laid the basis for modern beekeeping, beekeeping production makes a huge leap forward. The beginning of the last century and Italian bees live together beehive box into China, and now a lot of beehives used, such as ten frame hive, beehive Titan, twelve square frame beehive, etc., and its specifications are not the same size, but the structure is basically the same principle. Beginner beekeepers beekeeping households can buy someone else used beehive, you can also make your own beehive according to specifications.
1. Design basis bee hives Road and nest box is designed to live frame beehive important basis. With the right bee road, together with a reasonable number of nest box can design a variety of different types of beehives.
(1) Bee Bee Lu Lu is the bee hive for traffic, air circulation space. That is, in the beehive and nest box nest box, nest box and other parts of the gap between the hives.Bee Road, should be based on the habits of different bee species requirements, and through natural bee hive measurement making. Modern universal standard mellifera hives, bee bee road route between frames, front and bee road, on the road and the next bee bee path components. Inter-frame road is two honeycomb bee bee between road, usually 8 mm; around the road is a bee nest box on both sides of the inner walls of the box between the front and rear of the bee road, usually 8 mm; beehive vice cover and nest boxes on the beam as the distance between the upper surface of bee road width of 6 mm; nest box under the bottom plate between the beam and the road for the next bee bee road, here bees important access and air exchange channel, a common 25 mm. Since China is slightly smaller than the individual bees Apis mellifera, so China is slightly lower than the bee Apis mellifera bees road.
(2) nest box nest box is an important component of hives by the upper beam and lower beam and side pieces composed for supporting, fixing and protecting honeycomb. Its shape, size and number of the design on the beehive play a decisive role. Apis mellifera standard width of the beam nest box 27 mm, thickness 20 mm; frame ear thickness of 10 mm. Nest box of a square frame, high, narrow frame and low wide box are three main use is currently low wide box, general width and height ratio of 1:0.5 to 0.6, so make a bee inside the knot Mission insulation, is conducive to the management of bees. Another nest box number is the width of the beehive design based primarily on the number of nest box colony habitat needs must be met.
2. Standard Standard beehive beehive structure also called ten frame hives, Lang's beehive, is currently the most commonly used beekeepers live a stacking frame beehive.Standard beehive is 10 nest box, box body, bottom, Nest Door, deputy cover, cover and baffle composition. When the body needs to be in a box superimposed Following the box, following the box without bottom, box-body with nest boxes generic. Colony grown to 8 ~ l0 box, you need to stack up following the box, you can promptly expand hive.


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