Honey processing line

Design Principle

The production line of honey at low temperature, lower boiling point characteristics, and relatively low temperature in a vacuum under the conditions of the honey evaporate excess moisture content; while taking advantage of random auxiliary equipment to complete the honey of the impurity, such as sterilization of reconciliation nucleation process.
This device adopts a mild water-bath-type heating method and the limit of nucleation technology solution, using l-film vacuum evaporation process, to ensure that the quality of honey during processing is not disturbed.

Technical Characteristics
1)、Set of negative pressure equipment design, safety and reasonable, compact structure;
2)、Heating microcomputer control, the concentration will come out, simple operation;
3)、Energy efficiency, clean, green;
4)、Vulnerability of small, easy to maintain;

honey processing line
honey filling machine honey processing line


Acceptance raw honey : honey directly affects the quality of raw materials after processing quality of honey . Therefore, we must of raw honey color, odor , moisture content , honey species, amylase ( freshness indicators ) , pesticide residues and other indicators one by rigorous testing . Amylase which generally require more than 8 .

Melting : the raw honey at 60-65 ° C temperature for 30 minutes , stirring from time to time should be heated , the honey melt uniformly heated conditions .

Filtration: the heated honey and maintained at a temperature of about 40 degrees in order to pass multi-channel is filtered to remove impurities and small crystals of larger particles .And the apparatus should be carried out in a sealed pressure filter to reduce the heating time , reducing flavor loss .

Concentrated in vacuo : Select the appropriate device was concentrated in vacuo , the degree of vacuum 720 mm Hg , the evaporation temperature 40 to 50 ° C and concentrated under honey , this can minimize the damage . In the concentration , the application of aroma recovery system aroma volatiles and their re- integration into the finished honey in order to maintain the unique flavor of honey .

Cooling : The concentrated honey and cool as quickly as possible in order to maintain the quality of honey . To speed cooling , preferably for forced circulation cooling and stirring .The moisture contained in the processed honey, should be stable at 17.5 to 18 % range .Honey should be stored away from direct sunlight and high temperature environments , they often pay attention to dry and ventilated , can not be stored together with odor items .


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