Ethiopia Honey Extractor Project

Our four frame honey extractor has been exported to Ethiopia.

Beekeeping is an important economic activity in Ethiopia, employing up to two million people. However, the yield and quality of the honey is low, as people use outdated methods. We cooperate with our customer to provide the Ethiopia beekeepers high quality and economical beekeeping tools


These are 100 units of four frame honey extractor and we used stainless steel as our material and stainless steel gear to get a stronger structure.


This is the frame inside the honey extractor, to save the cost of delivery, we put one beekeeping suit in the honey extractor. All the material are stainless steel.


As the images shown, the gear of the honey extractor is stainless steel and this will make the honey extractor endurable and stronger structure.


This is the multi frame honey extractor for your reference.

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