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Brief Introduction:

Ten frames standard bee hives which also named Langstroth Hive is made of beehive cover, second hive cover, main hive and second hive, bee hive bottom, beehive gate block, beehive center, excluder panel, block panel and queen exluder panel.

Each beehive can put 10 PCS of 448*232mm beeswax foundation frame. On the main hinve, we can add several layers of beehives to extend the capacity. For easy operation and run, most beekeepers use one main beehive and one second hive for breed group bees and only one main beehive for the honey beehive. And ventalation device and ventaliation window is equipped on the beehive. To making the beehive stronger and easy to delivery, we change the hive bottom to fixed bottom.

And also we have 12 frame Italy beehive and 16 frame italy beehive. Contact us if you need our products.

1.1 Bee Cell

Bee cell is the dark space where beeswax foundation can isolate the temperature, water content, noise of exterior space which makes the beehive more stable and safe, and the life bees lives inside can be longer. Usually the cover seal ability more stronger, the isolation is better, better buffer.

When the bees move to about cell, they will send scout bees to try best to find suitable beehives. Sometime we may even can see two bee groups fight for a good position. When we check different bee house, we can see some basic terms: dark, solid, safe, although the shape, construction is different.

And in the bee house, the space is divded into two parts, one is beehive space and another is free space. obviously we need more bees space to get the buffer.

1.2 Idea bee house

Since bees naturally nest in size, shape differences, coupled with a small environmental differences, bees nest in a different building made of honeycomb shapes, the resulting composition of different cellular morphology, suggesting that cellular morphology variable. Driven by instinct, according to different type of building nests made of shaped hive, bees can make to achieve the optimal state consistent with life. So, for each group of bees, according to the natural cave built hive, are suitable for their ideal of life hive.

2 beehive

Modern beehive is: can meet daily needs but also easy to manage bees, meet the production requirements of modern apiculture bee artificial nests. Then the distribution of which nest box, honeycomb form artificial hive.

2.1 Origin beehive

Earlier people on the basis of observation of wild bees, bee mimic a variety of artificial nests, also known as artificial nest. Get back from a length of hollow tree segment to artificial wood, straw, and even ceramic honeycomb. Although these honeycomb shapes, texture are different, but they all basically meet the needs of bees nest: Dark, dense and security fundamentals. Otherwise, the bees will not be housing them.

With the progress of civilization of human society, bees making artificial nests gradually perfected. It was not until 1851 before the people of a variety called beehive bees nest, still belong to the scope of the original cell. Since honeycomb nest wall with extensive adhesions, when they need to take to implement honeycomb honey peeling, which will inevitably lead to comb damaged. Approach is a little earlier, killing bees destroyed nest, collect honey. The honey bee has become the sacrificial lambs. Smoked a later approach is driven bees, honey wins cut spleen. So take the honey, and can still keep most of the bees and honeycomb section is not mown. However, the honeycomb has been cut off, can no longer be returned hive for bees reused. Therefore, when the efficiency and effectiveness of beekeeping is very low.

2.2 invented live frame beehive

AD 1851 autumn, feeding bullshit mellifera Americans Lang Ross (langstroth), after the discovery of bee path, then invented a nest box with an active beehive, named Lang style beehive. With such a beehive bees, easy management, does not harm the honey bees, do not destroy the honeycomb, honeycomb can achieve reuse. The beehive of Western biological habits of bees, Apis mellifera frame in such a live beehive, both a good life, but also efficiently produce a variety of bee products people need. Since this important discovery and invention, the West bee keepers greatly improved efficiency and effectiveness, from the past only to watch, entertainment, slightly raising or harvesting of small-scale farming amateur status, jump into the human society has an important role in beekeeping .

Due to the important discoveries and inventions recognized by Lang dest Mr. Ross as the father of modern beekeeping. Later, people turn Lang type box slightly changed, making it versatile ten boxes mellifera standard beehive.

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