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KingReal is specialises in developing, designing and manufacturing Beeswax foundation machine, Beekeeping Equipment and Honey processing line. Moreover, it has already exported products to Middle East, Africa and many other oversea countries. In addtion, thanks to its highly qualified products and considerable after-sale service. KingReal has obtained well-know reputation and established its corporation image with good faith and trust.

KingReal can research, design, manufacture, furnish and service. Our featuring products are Bee hive, honey extractor, Electric comb foundation mill, beeswax sheet press machine, Bee smoker and honey processing line. According to customer's needs we alse design and manufacture different variety equipments.

Wax Foundation Honeycomb 100% Natural beeswax bees Foundation sheets. Bee accepts it very happily Bee Wax Foundation Honeycomb from natural beeswax

KingReal bees Foundation(wax Foundation) from natural beeswax! The bee does a very nice honeycomb to store the honey etc. on this foundation! We use the very advanced method and formulations, the certain bee accepts it very happily, and start make honeycomb. The bees' lives in the hive and their honey production are fascinating. Without going into too much detail, let us discover the basic features of the "social life" of bees.    Bees must carry out numerous "tasks" and they manage all of them with excellent organization

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